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More than any other state, California has more than 26 million licensed drivers. What's more, Los Angeles, which is considered the city for cars, regularly tops the list of the most populous cities in the world. With a lot of traffic on the road and increasingly distracted driving by cellphones for text and calls communication, it's no surprise that the number of road traffic fatalities and injuries continues to rise.

You can make personal injury claims if you have experienced any kind of accident and feel someone else is wrong. It compensates you for the work, feeling of well-being, autonomy, financial stability you lost due to an injury.

However, compensation is not easy if you believe you have a good reason. Contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney or accident attorney at Amerberg Law Group to assist you with the most challenging claim. We will evaluate your claim in detail, collect evidence to back it up and assist you to get your deserved compensation.

There are many reasons why car accidents happen. The most common are:

  • Driver fatigue (approximately 12% of cases)
  • Cell phone use (approximately 6% of cases)
  • Rubberneck (about 16% of cases)
  • Radio/CD player adjustment (about 7% of the time)
  • Distracting the attention of the child/passenger (approximately 9% of cases)

Other common causes of car accidents in Los Angeles include, but are not limited to: distractions, drunk driving, sleepiness/fatigue, cell phone misuse, speeding, poor road conditions, aggressive driving/road rage, and mechanical breakdowns.

If you've been injured in a car accident in Los Angeles, keep reading.
After a vehicle accident, your first priority should be:

  1. Providing the best medical care to help you recover from your injuries.
  2. Reimbursing you enough money to pay you back for damages, such as pain and suffering, income source loss, and medical expenses.
  3. Call the insurance company immediately after the accident and report the damage.

It is your car or truck accident attorney and your doctor's duty to make sure that you are getting these benefits. We as car accident attorney recommend you these steps after car accident injuries:

After a car accident, immediately see a doctor

Untreated and undiagnosed car crash injuries can be permanent or irreversible. That's why you should see a doctor immediately after an accident. The earlier you get diagnosed, the better you can avoid future damage.

The two purposes of doing so are to convince the jury that the accident caused your injuries and to improve the general result of the trial as quickly as possible after your accident. Do not delay treatment if you are not insured - several doctors working in our company will not take anything until your case is resolved.

Describe Your Complaints Clearly

When you first visit a doctor after a car accident, be sure to express your concerns. Minor problems can develop into serious issues in the future; that is why you must clear all your doubts in your discourse. Visit your doctor as early as possible after your vehicle accident. You must make your claims as comprehensive as possible so that your lawyer can prove that your car accident injuries were caused by accident.

Preventing an accident-related disc herniation requires early notification of back or neck discomfort. While waiting for the doctor to determine this later can complicate the process of determining the cause of the injury.

A spinal injury can cause muscle spasms, weakness, and needles or pins feeling in the legs, arms, toes, and fingers; call your doctor immediately if you feel these symptoms.

Keep all documents that may be necessary to your claim

Take photos of your injuries as early as possible they become obvious; otherwise, the injury will disappear, and you will lose the necessary evidence. Property damage caused by accident should be recorded as well, including both yours and the other party's.

Maintaining a Record Since the Injury

Record keeping is a great way to study the changes in your life after an accident. Taking notes will not only help you remember important information, but it will also help a lawyer understand how a car accident has affected your life.

Maintain Treatment Consistency

We know that life holds us responsible, and recovery is a time-consuming and difficult procedure that can disturb your work and life balance, but you must follow the treatment for your case.

Your doctor's examinations and medical history will be the main evidence of your injuries, and you do not want to embrace them when visiting the prosecutor's office or give them a false impression that you quickly and completely recovered from the accident by stopping treatment, too early. You should continue treatment unless your doctor discovers that you have fully recovered.

Find a good doctor for your injuries

After a car accident, consult a doctor right away. Experts will most likely refer you, for example:

PT/chiropractor – for muscle, tendon, or ligament issues.

Orthopedist - for significant injuries such as back pain after car accident, airbag injuries, lower back pain after car accident, feet, knees, neck, spine, shoulder and arms injuries.

Neurologist - loss of movement, severe headaches, memory loss, dizziness (falling sensation), or significant alteration in mental ability.

Psychologist - for mental illness such as anxiety, debilitating phobias, PTSD, withdrawal, mood swings and other mental issues.

You can see other doctors such as podiatry specialists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, etc.

Personal Injury or Car Accident Law in California

The negligence rules of California declare that any person is accountable for injuries, intentionally or inadvertently, caused by others. This legislation enables you to pursue a claim for personal injury when your incident involves negligence. Negligence is not the cause of each accident. Probably you can't sue someone for your damage when you're traveling over your feet and injuring yourself.

But you undoubtedly have a compelling case of walking down the road and falling into an open grave that an unwary city worker forgot to clean up.

You must consult with a Los Angeles car and truck accident attorney to understand if your case claims damages. If you think you were wounded because someone is careless. All states have limitation legislation for the filing of proceedings. For most types of injuries, in Los Angles, California, the limitation period of claims for personal injuries is 2 years.

Time starts to count down after the day of the accident. You have one year from the date you filed a claim when you discover an injury. One year may seem like a long period, but as soon as you collaborate with a Los Angeles car accident injury lawsuit, your lawyer will be able to investigate the claim as soon as possible.

Evidence doesn't last forever, and if you start filing right away, the witnesses are more likely to remember what happened.

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