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I was injured in a car accident a few months ago. I was referred to the Amerberg Law Group by a friend of mine who had similar experience and was very satisfied with their service. I made a call and was welcomed by the representative right away. After a few basic questions I already had an understanding about the further steps. My injury wasn’t too bad but I needed surgery and 5 months of physical therapy afterwards. The whole process was very smooth, I never had to wait for a call back from the attorney’s office, they were available at all times by phone and email.

The insurance company wasn’t easy to deal with at first, but after a few attempts of negotiation, the desired settlement amount was reached.

I am now almost done with my therapy and feeling much better physically and mentally. I am grateful for all the hard work done by this law office; it would have been impossible without them.

Jack Monre West Hollywood, CA

I would like to express my deepest respect to Amerberg Law Group for their timely and prompt help with my motorcycle accident. I went through a very rough time by dealing with insurance companies and things just got so complicated that I had to turn to a professional. They took good care of my case, explained everything to me in detail and I was able to follow the process with total understanding. I have had an accident a long time ago and that was a complete disaster compared to the pleasant experience with this personal injury lawyer. First of all, they were always in touch with me, following up regarding my condition, keeping me updated on the progress, etc. The case specialist who was assigned to me made sure I got all the attention I needed along with the fair compensation we were fighting for.

I got exactly what I wanted and would recommend this accident lawyer to anyone who’s experienced such an unfortunate event. Thank you very much for your service.

Harry Claymont Los Angeles, CA

A semi truck rear-ended me when I was in my sedan sitting on the red light.

You might imagine how heavy that thing is. I suffered some back and neck injuries along with some severe bruising and an elbow fracture.

I wasn’t sure how to go about it exactly, this was my first accident ever. My brother called 911 and decided to make a call to the accident lawyer right away in order to address the situation and have it taken care of as soon as possible. We were fortunate to have found the Amerberg legal team to help us with this accident. It was obviously a very frustrating time and I was in a lot of pain too, so I couldn’t really think clearly. Thanks to these guys I got the medical care I needed and also got referred to a great chiropractor while the lawyer took care of all the legal issues. After about 9 months everything worked out just fine. So I would like to thank this law office for helping get my life back together and enjoy it all over again.

Nee Lynche Arleta, CA

The best representation I’ve ever had. I highly recommend Amerberg to whoever was injured in a car accident. Professional communication just gave me confidence my case will be well taken care of. My recovery was fast and stress free due to the great medical specialist I was referred to and I was updated with the legal process every week by the case associate.

Thank you very much for such a professional approach and the best case resolution I could possibly achieve. Thank you everybody for a great job!

Alan Brosweld Winnetka, CA

I got into a bad car accident last summer and I wasn’t even sure where to begin. I was under so much stress and in pain and everything just seemed impossible to handle. I turned to Mr. Amerberg and that right there turned out to be the smartest decision I’ve ever made. From the very beginning my case was handled professionally and with no delays. The insurance company was giving us a hard time with a bunch of lies that was coming from the party at fault. Luckily this legal team was able to investigate everything thoroughly, collected all the necessary evidence and proved them wrong. They fought for me as if they fought for their own case, at least that’s how I felt. Thank you very much again, I am now finishing my recovery and the compensation I got is a great help in coping with losses I’ve experienced.

Karen Shmithsensen Encino, CA

Thank you Mr. Amerberg for the professional resolution of my case.

Dimitry Obramenko Culver City, CA

This personal injury lawyer office is very professional and competent in what they do. I needed help with my accident as a bike rider who was hit by a car. I called 2 other law offices before I got to Amerberg. They weren’t clear enough and I didn’t feel comfortable proceeding. At Mr. Amerberg's office I was able to see the actual strategy they offered and a way to get fair compensation. It was such a pleasure dealing with the associates and moving forward daily with my case process. I went through some physical therapy and fully recovered. Riding my bike again. Thank you for your help and care. Always appreciate professional business.

Vitaliy Shnurov Universal City, CA

From the day I walked into this office to the day I got my settlement I was provided with the best professional support at the Amerberg Law Group.

My accident happened at work during the day when I was injured at a construction site due to the negligent site conditions. I was so frustrated and didn’t know what to do as I wasn't able to work and had to undergo some medical treatment which caused me a loss of income and essentially limited my physical activity. The legal help I got was beyond my expectations. I was informed at all stages of our progress. It was easy to reach them on the phone and when they didn’t answer right away I got a call back within 15 minutes or less. My doctor was the best, got me back on track within reasonable time and also was very trustworthy as a referral from my lawyer. I am very happy with the settlement. The attorney was able to double the original amount and that was a huge support for me and my family. Would recommend this legal group to anyone who’s seeking to resolve their accident the right way.

Greg Kadirov Calabasas, CA

I’ve had a wonderful experience with the Amerberg Law Group! My accident happened on a highway when I was hit by a car whose driver was texting and switched lanes without looking. Everything happened so fast and I didn’t even realize at first that I required hospitalization. I knew I had to find a lawyer to represent me and got to this law group by searching in google. I was able to research a few different lawyers and decided to try Amerberg’s law office. My family and I were very careful with choosing the right one as we’ve heard many stories about bad outcomes of the case.

The lawyer we dealt with is a very experienced professional with a decent educational and practice background. We had to go through a lot of stages, from finding the witnesses to evaluating my health condition and the financial consequences of this accident. I was contacted by the lady who was assigned to my case at least twice a week who was working to move all the paperwork forward as soon as possible. The whole process turned out to be painless and stress free which I am very grateful for. This legal team fought for me strongly and were able to achieve the best resolution that was possible. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who’s looking for a professional personal injury attorney.

Samantha L. Hollywood, CA

In April 2017 I got into an auto accident which totally changed my life.

I was advised to use a law firm and I am glad I did. I worked with Nathan Amerberg and never regretted it ever since. The paralegal that was helping me with the paperwork and the accident details was also a great professional who made it easy for me to understand what we’re doing. This was my first accident and I was amazed by so much help and support I got from this office. I was assisted not only with the legal aspect but also with the medical treatment arrangements. It was easy to communicate with all the office representatives during the entire time of my case, so I would be happy to recommend this law group to others. Thank you a lot for all your hard work and professionalism.

Glen Fishman Sherman Oaks, CA

Wanted to thank the Amerberg law office for the successful resolution and a great settlement for my car accident. I love dealing with legit businesses and this one is definitely one of them. Hopefully I won’t get into another accident but for those who just did - this team will take great care of you and provide you with the best legal advice possible. My case wasn’t easy but we won it and got the money that I lost. My car was totalled and the party at fault was extremely hard to deal with. After a lot of negotiations and a careful investigation I got the fair judgement and was able to collect all the funds I was qualified for. I was kept informed during the entire process, my case agent followed up with me on a regular basis and overall I was treated not like another random client but with lots of respect. If you happen to get in a car accident this team will fight for you using all their resources and valuable experience. I went through this difficult time with them and can speak for myself with confidence that I made the right choice.

Thank you Amerberg Law Group.

Santos Carrera Northridge, CA

Nathan Amerberg was incredibly easy to work with and he walked us through the process step-by-step. He was attentive to our needs and empathetic, and the firm fought for every dollar we deserved while making the process as painless as possible. Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is an extremely traumatic experience by itself, and I was dreading the “post-accident” experience. I can’t tell you how appreciative I was of having an attorney who treated my wife and I like family. I hope we are never in the same situation again, but if we are, we will not hesitate to contact Nathan and his firm.

Jose Loperes Los Angeles, CA

Nathan was professional, honest, and hardworking. He was kind and compassionate with everyone involved. He even reviewed my auto insurance for me after the case was over to be sure I had the correct coverage moving forward.

Julia Carrero Torrance, CA

We had the extreme pleasure to work with Nathan and his office staff. I was involved in an injury accident. Thinking that insurance companies would do the "right" thing and pay the medical bills. We realized very quickly with the property damage conversations that we needed help. Thanks to Nathan and his office staff, we were well taken care of. They know the "right" thing to do and the knowledge to support you. You won't be sorry, go visit with them and decide for yourself how great they are.

Alex J. Sherman Oaks, CA

My wife was hit by someone running a red light. They had no insurance or driver's license. She was hospitalized for several days, and I tried handling the claim with my insurance company by myself. I soon realized that I was in over my head. Mr. Amerberg was amazing from the beginning. He was concerned about my wife, and immediately got to work. He found a witness to the accident and was able to negotiate a settlement that was more than I ever imagined. We just wanted the medical collection calls to stop. He did this and so much more! He was very responsive and let us know up front that this could take a while. He kept in contact, and negotiated a settlement for all of the medical claims. I hope to never have to use Mr. Amerberg again, but I would not hesitate to recommend him to someone in need of his services.

Felix Oatsinglen Encino, CA

Nathan was on top of my medical care right away. He was able to arrange for me to meet with a very astute orthopedic surgeon, arrange for the surgery necessary and the follow up physical therapy. All at no cost to me. He negotiated for the best results with the insurance company and made sure my settlement was the most I could get.

Gul S. Los Felis, CA

Everyone at the firm was wonderful and very helpful throughout the entirety of my case. I got to work with Nathan and he was a fantastic lawyer after my car was T-boned. Nathan and everyone were always easy to reach and I always got a response almost instantly. I was kept informed through the process (and had multiple things explained to me) and what each step would be. Overall a wonderful experience with my first personal injury case!

Banian J. Century City, CA

In the past I had bad experiences with my attorney on a settlement with my back injury. Your firm has made me feel like I could trust again.

Very responsive. I received correspondence even when nothing was happening.

Very pleased, and the way things funds were divided was fair to all. By waiving attorney fees they were very kind and generous. It helped me so much because I'm on SSI. I want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Sophy Universal City, CA

Thank you Nathan, How lucky we feel to have found you and your staff. The professional and personal care that everyone in your firm has extended to our family has been beyond compare. You all have taken a very difficult time in our lives and made it bearable. Allowing us the leisure to concentrate on doctors and treatments, knowing that our families future was in very capable and caring hands.

Victor Los Angeles, CA

Your professional team helped me gain respect for the way you handled my family case. We all know very well that we would never have gotten the results we did without a good law firm. It's the best decision I ever made! I have a very large stack of correspondence you sent me to keep me updated throughout this case. You answered every call I made rapidly and with respect! I call that "Professional". I have a high regard for your team!!

Philip North Hollywood, CA

I felt my legal team at Amerberg Law Group. were masterful in their negotiations, compromise, and legal skills. I am very satisfied with the results they fought hard for. I received straight-forward, clear communication from start to finish. Sound legal advice, no over-promising. Attorneys and staff were very responsive, returning calls in a prompt manner. Paperwork and communication always arrived when promised. This is an outstanding legal team. Nathan, Alex, Erica I will always be grateful to you for your help. You all are very fine people. I am thankful for your advocacy on behalf of me and my family.

Igor Valley Village, CA

“The team at Amerberg Law Group is absolutely amazing. Every person working there was professional, warm, helpful, patient, and made me feel comfortable and important. Nathan in particular went above and beyond by not only being a dynamite attorney, but also a very thoughtful counselor listening to my anxieties and offering words of advice and comfort. He fought hard on my behalf even when I was overwhelmed and ready to give up. I could not have had a better experience. A special thanks also to Erica, Kristina and Dora for being so responsive and taking the time to explain when I had questions (which there were a lot of). I am grateful for their hard work to make a traumatic and daunting experience less of a burden on me and to achieve a greater outcome than I could have ever imagined. I can’t thank this team enough.”

Vitaliy Los Angeles, CA

My son who was under age at the time was in a accident and was injured. I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Nathan Amerberg. I can say after going through my own accident case with another Lawyer, Nathan Amerberg at Amerberg Law group is top notch. He was attentive and professional but also personal and cared about my son and his injuries. All emails were answered promptly and all calls and messages were answered. All questions and concerns were addressed also with such professionalism. Even during this Covid 19 Virus this law firm and Nathan continued to work on my case and found new ways of sending and signing documents. I am so very happy with this law firm and with Nathan Amerberg. I would recommend them and I would hire him again in a heart beat. I wished I had hired him for my own case. My son thanks you, and I thank you.

Zoe N. North Hollywood, CA

Nathan Amerberg and his team provided me with outstanding legal representation, as they fought for me against a large corporation. Nathan readily accepted my case when another attorney claimed it would be impossible for me to win against a large corporation. Nathan did not hesitate to accept the challenge of my case, and he reassured me that we would win. His commitment to his clients via his integrity, diligence, knowledge of the law and his persistence establish the Amerberg Law Group above the rest. I appreciate the WIN outcome of my case, and Nathan’s time and effort.

John F. Canoga Park, CA

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